OE Quality Damper Isolator Pulleys

Damper Isolator Pulleys combine torsional vibration damping and a function for isolating the belt drive system from crankshaft irregularities. The damper reduces the torsional vibration amplitudes of the crankshaft, while the integrated isolator isolates the belt drive system from irregularities which cause belt effects like flapping.

The practical Corteco kits save time when placing orders and guarantee satisfied customers. Our constantly extending range already covers 300 of the most important vehicle types.


When You Buy Corteco Pulleys, You Buy OE

Corteco is the aftermarket brand of the Freudenberg Group which accompanies Vibracoustic. Vibracoustic is a leading global automotive noise, vibration and harshness expert. Because of this, Corteco has the unique ability to offer parts made to precise OE specifications, ensuring exceptional reliability and ride performance.

Crankshaft irregularities, especially at low speed, can lead into noise or to an early failure of the belt and belt drive components. A crankshaft isolator rubber effectively eliminates these vibrations directly at source. At the same time, the torsional vibration damper in the isolator pulley reduces torsional vibrations within the crankshaft.

Only original quality pulleys with new bolts guarantee easy mounting and the highest degree of safety.

Decoupled Pulleys

The typical crankshaft vibrations are compensated by employing high quality decoupled belt pulleys. This minimizes the transmission of vibrations to other vehicle components and the associated effects on the entire vehicle. So you can enjoy undisturbed ride comfort. Decoupled pulleys also work to minimize stressed placed on the entire belt-drive system created by increased engine starting and stopping in modern vehicles equipped with start-stop technology.

Complex inner workings:

The decoupled belt pulley is joined to the torsional vibration damper by a highly elastic elastomer part, thereby offering optimum damping properties.

decoupled pulley-1


  • Increased lifetime of belt and accessories
  • Decreased engine noise level
  • Less stress on the belt and relative accessories
  • Reduction of CO2 and fuel




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Beware of imitations

Poorly engineered or copied pulleys will cause the risk of severe damage.

pulley imitation-1

Corteco Bolt Kits

It’s recommended that bolts and washers are replaced anytime the pulley is replaced rather than being reused. Corteco offers complete pulley/bolt kits as well as supplementary bolt kits so that you can service the complete job with one part number.



  • All necessary bolts and washers in one kit
  • Time-saving through easy sourcing of the correct bolt kit
  • Simple assembly and increased safety
  • Compliance with OE requirements

Our recommendation: replacing the bolts with the pulley

Corteco Vibration Control Solutions

Corteco pulleys are part of a full line of OE and OE quality vibration control automotive parts with unmatched vehicle coverage. Click the links below to learn more each of these product categories.


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