OE Quality Brake Hoses

Corteco offers a full range of brake hoses in OE quality with maximum reliability. Manufactured to ISO 9001-2015 specifications, Corteco's 100% safety testing guarantee ensures that every brake hose is subjected to rigorous pressure and fitting accuracy tests, designed to ensure product durability and low volume expansion.


When You Buy Corteco Brake Hoses, You Buy OE

Brake hoses are among the most important components of the vehicle's braking system. They’re responsible for carrying hydraulic pressure from the pump to activate the caliper or shoes. Over time, brake hoses begin to wear, which leads to lower efficiency in the braking system and results in longer stopping distances. It’s important to replace both the brake hoses and brake fluid every 4 years or 48,000 miles to maintain braking efficiency.

Brake hoses must withstand high pressures during the braking function. These high pressures cause an expansion of the hose (due to elasticity), causing an increase in hose volume. The elasticity and thus expansion of the brake hose determines its efficiency. If the brake hose expands too much, its capacity to translate pressure decreases, and the brake system will lose efficiency. If the elasticity of the brake hose is too low, the high hydraulic pressures can cause the hose to fail which results in failure to apply the brakes.


For these reasons, it’s critical that brake hoses be designed and manufactured to the precise specifications dictated by the original components specific to each vehicle. So when you need a replacement brake hose, turning to Corteco is the best solution.

Corteco brake hoses are all designed and manufactured in an OEM facility to the highest possible standards. All Corteco brake hoses are designed with double braiding, which guarantees precise elasticity and wear resistance.

Each individual Corteco hose goes through pressure testing to ensure capability of meeting specific pressure requirements based on vehicle specification. Additionally, Corteco brake hoses undergo a traction test (which tests the clamping quality of the nipple onto the hose) and a third overall test of clamping and functionality. Corteco brake hoses are ISO 9001:2000 Certified, exemplifying their superior quality.


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